Move In Process

The Moving In Process


Once Approved for Apartment

1. Security Deposit: Turn in security deposit and sign Security Deposit Agreement. (Make a Payment). 

2. Lead: Take and read EPA Lead Pamphlet. Review Lead Disclosure as required by state of New York.

3. Rent: First month rent is due prior to moving into apartment. It is optional to pay last months rent in advance, but highly encouraged. (Make a Payment)

If first month rent is paid and you decide not to move in prior to scheduled move in date / time there is a penalty of $300 if notified 48 hours or less; otherwise penalty is $150.

4. Renters Insurance: Get renter’s insurance policy and coverage and name Landlord as certificate holder for apartment. Email us a copy of renters insurance prior to move in.

5. Lease: To be reviewed and signed.

6. Utilities: Ensure utilities are turned on with RG&E for gas and electric under new tenant.
- When you call RGE have them to transfer service into your name if service is on as it will be easier vs scheduling an appointment for them to come out in person.
- Be sure to get pictures of meter reads at time keys are given for accurate meter reads and email over pictures to RGE.  
- You may call RG&E to get estimates on utility charges in past for apartment.
- Email us with RGE Account # and name on account prior to move in. 

7. Keys: Issue key to new tenant. Tenant makes arrangements to move in. Keys will not be issued until all prior steps mentioned before have been completed in entirety.

8. Move-In Pictures: Upon getting keys tenant(s) agrees to take picture(s) of each room along with all 4 walls in room, entire ceiling and floor area. Take pictures while apartment / house is completely empty. Tenant will email over to as attachments with email identifying rooms in body of email. Tenant will make note of any damage you want to be repaired and/or to make note of each room. Photos should be color picture emailed to within 7 days of move in.