Make Payment

Pay rent, rental application fee, or any other fees virtually anywhere using Zelle or Venmo if you do not bank at Chase. All are free services and work the same way. No more having to go to bank or having to deal with stamps and envelops.

The service allows you to send money to another company/person without cash or checks. With Zelle or Venmo , all you need to send or request money is the recipient’s email address or mobile number.


Send payments via email address: for: Zelle OR Venmo


If you bank with Bank of America, Capital Obanksne, Chase, 1st Bank, Front, US Bank, Wells Fargo, or other participating banks of Zelle , you may send/accept payments online at your bank.

Zelle is the easy way to send money in minutes directly between U.S. bank accounts — right from your mobile banking app. The country’s leading banks and credit unions have partnered to bring you a better way to move money, so you can spend less time wondering where your money is and more time living life. Now that’s worth celebrating.