Move In Process

The Moving In Process


Once Approved for Apartment

1. Security Deposit: Turn in security deposit and sign Security Deposit Agreement. (Make a Payment). 

2. Lead: Take and read EPA Lead Pamphlet and sign Lead Disclosure, Required by state of New York.

3. Rent: First and last month rent is due prior to moving into apartment. (Make a Payment)

If first month rent is paid and you decide not to move in prior to scheduled move in date / time there is a penalty of $300 if notified 48 hours or less; otherwise penalty is $150.

4. Renters Insurance: Get renter’s insurance policy and coverage and name Landlord as certificate holder for apartment. Email us a copy of renters insurance prior to move in.

5. Lease: Schedule date for completing Move-In Inspection and Lease. An original will be kept by IFL Property and another original copy will be issued to tenant for their records.

6. Utilities: Ensure utilities are turned on with RG&E for gas and electric under new tenant.  You may call RG&E to get estimates on utility charges in past for apartment. Email us with RGE Account # and name on account prior to move in. 

7. Keys: Issue key to new tenant. Tenant makes arrangements to move in. Keys will not be issued until all prior steps mentioned before have been completed in entirety.