Application Process

To start the application process.


1.Rental Application: Fill out rental application
- Rental Application (PDF version) .
- Rental Application (Word Doc version)

2. Pay Application Fee: Each person who will be residing on premises 18 or older must fill out separate rental application and pay non-refundable  $20 Application Fee. ( Make a Payment ).

3. Credit Report: Request your credit report for free at one of three major credit bureau:,,

Credit score must be on report. We need full detailed summary report which is usually 20 to 30 pages PDF file you may download and email us as a PDF file. We do not want screen shots take from photo or laptop. 

4. Pay Stubs: Submit most recent pay stubs for last 30 days (1 full month). This should be done for all parties residing in the unit who will contribute towards the rent. ajaxPay stubs should show 3.0 times rental income. For example, if rent is $1,000 per month, household combined take home pay stubs should show a monthly total income $3,000 or greater.

5. Identification (ID) Card: Submit Driver ID or state issued ID card or Passport for all parties 18 or older who will be residing in unit.

6. Pets: A clear colored picture of each pet must be supplied along with copy of most recent medical records of pet showing they are up-to-date with shots along with breed and weight. See Pet Policy for additional detail.

7. Submission: Submit completed rental paperwork by scan and email:

If you do not have a scanner, but have a smart phone or tablet device See App Tools Section to use device to scan and sign documents without having to print. Saves time and money.